Saturday, January 30, 2010

83 Days Out!

The scale went down again this morning but I have not lost what I wanted to for the week. My body is really fighting me to lose pounds on the scale. It just barely moves and then may go right back up. I guess it's okay though. Diana reassures me not to rely on the scale. We are looking at body composition, so inches and body fat. She won't measure those again until next Monday.

Yesterday went well. I did the program on our treadmill that has 40 minutes of cardio. It was a nice change. Not as hard as what I have been doing, but it was good. I burned close to 500 calories and got sweaty. I lifted weights (chest/tri) and that went good. My diet was good. I had one weak moment when Justin got some spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's and then their boneless buffalo wings. I wanted to try them too!! So I had one bite of a spicy nugget and then two of the boneless wings. I know it's bad. I have had weak moments 3 times this week. I had one day where I had 5 pretzels, 5 crackers, 2 danish butter cookies; another day I ate the 4oz of regular pasta, 4 oz of regular meat sauce and garlic bread; and then yesterday! No wonder the scale isn't moving!

I am putting that behind me. On Monday, I will be 12 weeks out and I can not put anything in my mouth that is not part of my competition diet. I have to be strong. Those times last week when I ate cheats, I would tell myself, Oh, it's just a little, it's not going to affect you! That might have been true if I had only said that once, but I said it THREE times! LOL! So, enough of that.
I have my eye on the prize. I am making progress and I do not want to sabatoge all the work I am doing over crap food that I really don't care about! Not worth it!

We are going out on our date night tonight. We may be meeting up with some friends. My menu is already planned out for the day and I am sticking to it! When we go to a restaurant my plan is to order a house salad just so I can have something in front of me, but my meal will be eaten out of a tupperware container at some point. These are the nights that I am not sure how to handle quite yet. I eat my last meal at 6:30p, but I am sure I will be in a restaurant about then. So, will I eat before we go in, or wait and eat it in between the restaurant and where ever we go next? I guess I'll figure it out tonight. And now that we are throwing friends into the mix tonight, it should be even more interesting! I am not going to do what I did last weekend though and eat on the appetizer just because it's chicken skewers and in my regular life that is healthy. Then for dinner, I ordered a salad with a salmon filet, which again is a healthy choice, but not right now. Who knows how much oil or other kind of fat was on that chicken and salmon? So, nothing at restaurants can be trusted right now for me. I have to to only eat my own food. Man, this is hard!

Oh! I got my shoes yesterday! Holy Crap THEY ARE HIGH!! I had tried to picture what 5" heels would feel like, but I was way off! I didn't have a problem walking in them yesterday but my poor ankles and calves and balls of my feet. I definitely have to wear them for a little while every day just so my body can get used to being in them. Otherwise I am going to die from the pain on stage!! I was really surprised that I could walk in them though. It's basically like walking around on your tip toes only you don't have to balance because you have the heel post to do that. That was exciting to get those and walk around in them yesterday! I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow and wear them! We'll see how much it changes the way my calves look!

Okay, so, today is 40 minutes of cardio, karate and shoulders. Happy Saturday!

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  1. WHOO HOO!!! 12 weeks out! Ew those boneless wings so werent worth it right? I think they are nasty. Eye on the prize! Muscle weighs more than fat!