Tuesday, January 5, 2010

108 days out!

I'm back! Had to take a little holiday hiatus!

Whew..I'm glad that's over! What in the world was I thinking committing to my first competition prep during the holidays? So, that is behind me now and I am forging forward.

I let doubt get in my mind briefly while in New Orleans celebrating New Year's. My vision of my goal had gotten very cloudy. I couldn't see myself being able to do it anymore, but that was the carbs and sugar talking!! I got a nice little pep talk from my trainer, Diana, and I am back in it!

Yesterday was a great day! I lifted weights, ran a couple of miles on the treadmil and ate super clean!! I felt tired and a little irritated all day. Those carbs really get a hold of me and have a hard time letting go, but I won the battle yesterday!! It'll take a couple of days to detox from all the crap I ate in New Orleans (and before), but I have a positive attitude about it and have a clear picture of my goal. Every choice I make every single day counts! So, every time I want to eat a cookie or pasta, I am going to think about walking across that stage in my little figure suit and how good that is going to feel. I can eat that stuff on April 23rd! I'll think I'll start a list. Everytime I have a craving, I'll write it down. That way, mentally, I am giving myself permission to eat it the day after the competition...or the day of, as soon as I step off stage...but not today!!

I started this journey of creating a better, healthier me last May. It will be almost one year when I do the competition. What an amazing feeling that will be! It almost gets me choked up. This is the hardest goal I have every tried to achieve and yet it is the most valuable and rewarding. There is a battle being fought everyday in my brain about food! I MUST WIN!! :)

This winter is turning out to be a test on how creative I can get with cardio since there is no going outside....EVER!!! So, the Insanity DVD's are good, the treadmill, spin bike, stairs, running my karate moves, hitting the bag and jumping rope are all things to keep me from going crazy and getting bored. We are going to get an elliptical next week too. I can't wait for that!

I start back up with Diana on the 11th! Next Monday! YAY! That lady has so much positive energy.....just being around her makes me want to make good choices!! She will train me on Mon and Wed and then give me a workout plan for the rest of the days. And of course....THE DIET...she will be whipping me into shape with that and holding me accountable.

I do realize that I will not always have Diana. And that one day, I am going to have to make good food choices on my own, but not right now. I need her help to get through this plateau I have been on since October and knock these last 20lb off!! BE GONE 20LBS!!!


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