Wednesday, January 6, 2010

107 days out!

Yesterday was a great day. I did the Insanity Max Cardio Interval DVD. It was awesome! I ate perfect all day. The scale showed I gained a pound today, but not worried as I am still trying detox from all the bad food so my body is not happy with me right now. I didn't feel all that great yesterday even with the awesome cardio workout and good food. I felt sluggish and foggy headed. I should be past this by the end of the week and be feeling like myself again! I have a nice "indoor grill" so I was able to make grilled salmon and chicken breasts yesterday. They turned out delicious! I also got a mandoline for xmas so I can make sweet potato chips. (baked, of course!) They are sooo good. A little olive oil and salt.....YUMMY! My carbs yesterday consisted of oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. My proteins were protein powder, salmon, chicken, turkey meat balls. And the veggies were salad and broccoli. I chewed sugar free, Extra, watermelon gum all day too!! That really helps with the cravings for sugar! I also drank a gallon of water yesterday!

So, it was a great day overall! I am feeling like I am back on track!


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