Thursday, January 7, 2010

106 days out!

So....what to say today.....not much. I stuck to my diet yesterday. I did not do cardio or weights yesterday as I had a meeting for the most of the morning and didn't feel like it when I got home. So that will be my rest day for the week. The scale went down today. Hopefully that is a sign of what is to come. I need to start seeing the results from keeping my diet totally clean otherwise I start to lose hope! LOL! I am not planning ANY cheat meals until we go to Arizona in February. I had all the cheat meals I need to have in New Orleans! Diana's email the other day really helped. Any time I think, oh, I can have just one won't ruin anything...I think about her email. She said ".....every choice you make, every single day, counts!!" It has kept me in check all week! Thanks, Diana!!

I got a little panicky again yesterday and was thinking about dropping out of the whole thing (again)!! It is just so hard for me to picture myself getting there. I had a good talk with my husband about it and my fears about getting up on that stage in the heels...and the suit...and the people...aahhhh! He helped me soooo much. He told me not to think about ALL that. He said what I need to think about is what is going on today....not 4 months from now. He said to ask myself "What am I going to eat TODAY? What workout am I going to do TODAY?" And then tomorrow, get up and ask those same questions. Just take it one day at a time. So that is just what I am going to do! I can think things to death sometimes...until I make myself sick and just want to quit EVERYTHING! LOL! We have our big licensing inspection for our group home in April, the figure competition and then my 3rd black belt test the end of May. If I think about all that for too long (like I did yesterday!) it all becomes too much! I haven't even felt like going to karate because I feel so overwhelmed with all the work I have to do in there!!

I blame the snow!! We have been snowed in with all of our clients home for too long now! I need everyone to go back to their routines so I can clear my head! LOL! Joking aside, it WILL feel good this Saturday to go to karate and then there is a seminar for the figure competition the same day. I just need to get in touch with my goals again. I know I will feel a renewed energy!

Off to do cardio!

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  1. Justin is right!! All the hard work and effort you put forth TODAY and each and everyday will get you there. :)