Friday, January 8, 2010

105 days out!

Yesterday was a great day! Still snowed in, but did an awesome cardio session on the treadmill! I jogged a lap at 5mph, then raised the incline to 10% and jogged a lap, then lowered it all the way back down and jogged 2 laps, then raised it all the way backup for another lap then lowered it back down and jogged it out until I got 2 miles. Then I lowered my mph to 4 and raised the incline back up to 10% and walked another mile. During the last lap I slowly started lowering both the incline and mph until I was cooled off! It was killer but burned over 500 calories in 40 minutes!

My diet consisted of oatmeal and sweet potatoes for my carbs; chicken, fish, egg whites and protein powder for my proteins; spinach and broccoli for my veggies. I drank a gallon of water and chewed Extra Watermelon gum all day! I also started taking all my vitamins yesterday and I felt much better! Not getting any sun starts to take a toll on a person!! I don't take anything fancy just a multi-vitamin, Tri-Flex, Vit D, Calcium, Flaxseed Oil.

I felt great yesterday and had a lot more energy! The scale went down again this morning! Hooray! I am back to my Pre-New Orleans weight!!

Gotta go workout!!


  1. good job stac! Do you take a VitD because you arent geting sun? Or do you always take it?

  2. When I got my levels checked last February, I was Vit. D deficient. So I have been taking it every day for almost a year. Well, except for the past month when I got pretty lazy about taking my vitamins! I can really tell a difference now that I am taking them again!