Saturday, January 9, 2010

104 days out!

Yesterday was another great day! Did the Insanity Max Plyo DVD and HOLY CRAP! it was hard!! I love plyometrics because it just kills every muscle in your body. I got the sick, nauseous feeling at the end so it must have been good! HA! I am sore this morning too! I ate afterward and then waited a couple of hours and lifted weights. My weight routine is not what is used to be or should be! I am too easy on myself! That will all change on Monday when I get back to the gym with Diana! Can't wait!

My diet was no problem again yesterday. I am having no problems with cravings. It's kind of surprising. I really have my mind set that I had all my cheats in New Orleans and I will have a cheat meal in Arizona in a month, so I'm good! I think that is getting me through because I just eat what I am supposed to eat and chew gum and don't think about it. I ate an apple right after my cardio; my carbs were oats, sweet potatoes, ezekiel bread; proteins were protein powder, turkey patty, egg whites, ground turkey; my veggies were spinach, tomato, onion, brussel sprouts. I drank a gallon of water and chewed gum (Extra Watermelon, of course!)! I took my vitamins which I think has really helped in improving my mood. I am sure getting all the crap out of my system helped too! I have really felt great these past couple days! Oh, and the scale went down again this morning!

I am ready for another successful day. I got up early on this Saturday morning so I could get some treadmill cardio in before I go to karate! After karate is a seminar for the figure competition. I am excited and nervous for that!


  1. have fun at your seminar! it is going to pump you up even more!

  2. Yes, it did! I am excited about it again! They went over EVERYTHING! I really like the people putting on the show. They are very good to first time competitors. Not that I have anyone else to compare them to, but they were so thorough and helpful. It was great! I have a lot of practicing to do!