Sunday, January 10, 2010

103 days out!

Good Morning! Here's some updated pictures. I will start adding them every Sunday so I can start seeing some changes. These pictures don't reflect any changes because I HAVEN'T CHANGED! But this month will be different! I will do the poses for the pics since I need to be practicing those anyway!
My recap of yesterday: I did the hardest interval program our treadmill offers. The last time I did it, I had to jump off a couple of times, but I did the whole thing and it wasn't too hard! I am very proud about that! It took 40 minutes and burned 425 calories then I went to karate. It felt good to get back in there after 3 weeks! It doesn't seem like that long, but yes, 3 weeks! One kata left to learn and then I have to come up with a personal kata. So much left to do before the end of May, but it felt good to get in there and move and do what I do! I LOVE karate! In all the unknown about the figure competition, it feels good to do what I know and what my body knows! It's good for me mentally!

My diet was good except I am cutting the ezekiel bread completely out. I thought it had less gluten than normal bread, or no gluten, or something different that made it better for me to digest but my body is reacting to goodbye ezekiel bread! I react to it by being gassy (I know, TMI, but it's what happens!), bloated AND the scale went up today and I know that's why! My carbs yesterday were oats, sweet potatoes and ezekiel bread; I ate broccoli for my veggies; and proteins were ground turkey, egg whites, and chicken. I never talk about the fats but I use olive oil on all my food and take a flaxseed supplement. I also had 2 T of natural peanut butter yesterday. Probably won't do that again either. I can't be trusted with peanut butter! I had one tablespoon the day before and then yesterday two tablespoons, so who knows how much I will start downing!! LOL!

The seminar for the figure competition was great! I learned a lot and feel better about the whole process. We even practiced posing and walking. I have a lot of practicing to do and Diana will be a huge help with that, but it was good to get a glimpse of what will be expected! It was a great experience! I am so glad I went! It's also pretty great that I can come home and Justin endulges me by letting me tell him all about it and actually being interested! I am very lucky! He is such a good support person and I'm going to need it! I don't know how anyone does this alone or without the support of the husband/wife. It would be way too hard! So, THANK YOU JUSTIN! Now, get on the same food program as me! LOL!

I was exhausted last night and was asleep by 10pm!

Tomorrow I start back with Diana and I can't wait! It is going to be painful and exhausting, but it will be so worth it! I might do some steady state cardio today, but mainly I am going to do some house work and rest up for tomorrow!!


  1. I think your scale is weighing you totally wrong. It should be more like 125, than what you are recording! I never would have guessed you at your recorded weight!

    Janet B.

  2. Thanks Janet! It's in there though! I am still at 24% body fat. There's a lot of muscle on me too (hopefully)! We'll see what gets uncovered when the fat starts coming off these next couple of months!! :) Keep checking back!

  3. You look great! I was just telling Matt you look SO DIFFERENT from the old you. For instance I was dusting on Thursday and picked up a framed photo of me, you and Autumn at your college graduation. Totally different :) But in a good way!

  4. Thanks Vann! I just did a side by side of the progress pic I took last Jan. 13th and the one I took today and whoa! what a difference! I'll get the guts to post that one of these days. It's amazing how far I've come in a year! Can't wait to see what I look like in April! Thanks again!