Monday, January 11, 2010

102 days out!

This will be a quick post as I need to get downstairs on the treadmill! I have my first training session back with Diana today! I am very excited! I woke up with some cramps though, which totally stinks! I have popped some ibuprofen and I am going to try to go about my morning and pretend it is not happening!! I need to get my cardio done and a good carb meal before my workout. The good thing about my MC being this week is that next week I will have an awesome weight loss on the scale!! Haha! The scale went up 2 lbs this morning because of it! It's all water and it's what our bodies do so I'm not worried about it! Maybe I'll ask Diana to weigh me in and take my measurements NEXT Monday instead of today since I'm retaining so much!

So, yesterday was a good day. I didn't do any cardio or workout besides house work. I ate perfect all day though. Which I must say is amazing because I started today. Usually I am very snacky and want to eat chocolate and carby crap right before I start but I had my head so focused last week, I didn't even think about it! Hopefully this week will be the same. I am going to get my meals cooked and in containers ready to eat today so I don't have the chance to reach for chips when I am having my couple of bad days!

Okay, treadmill time!


  1. have fun with diana! how long do you train with her now?

  2. I train with her for an hour, twice a week until April 23rd. But she does a lot more than just that. She totally helps me with my diet and will be giving "homework" to do all the days I am not training with her!