Tuesday, January 12, 2010

101 days out!

I had a great day yesterday! I ignored that I was having light cramps all day and got my cardio in, ate perfect and had my first work out with Diana! We worked legs and I am definitely feeling it this morning!

We had a great talk during the workout to...well when I could breath and talk! Ha! She just really got me even more pumped up and drove it home that my intensity level has to stay high over the next 15 weeks. I have a lot of work to do still and I only have 15 weeks. So EVERYTHING counts! No cheat meals!

She took my measurements but I can't wait to retake them next week because I am retaining water so bad right now. All the numbers were up! So next week is going to look REALLY good!

My diet plan will stay the same but she sent me a food list to stick to. My cardio plan is new and will keep me focused! This morning I am doing 35 minutes of interval. I am going to use the Insanity DVD's for the interval cardio because that is exactly what they are. So I better get started!

Oh, my weight lifting will be 4 times a week it looks like. Legs, shoulders, back/bi, chest/tri and then I am going to talk to Diana about maybe making a fifth day for abs. So I'll be working 2 days with her and 2 days at home on my own, but she sent me the workouts. I feel really good about it! If I have too much freedom to do what I want, I start to slack and go easy on myself. So having a strict regimine to follow works for me!

Okay, gotta go get my cardio in!


  1. You are SO awesome! I'm so excited to follow your journey. Clearly you've got the plan tight...KILL IT!

  2. Thanks Alli! I'm pretty pumped!

  3. You can do this!!! I know that you're going to do wonderful! :)