Sunday, January 31, 2010

82 Days Out!

Here are my weekly update pictures! I wish I could take these each week fresh out of bed with nothing in me, but Justin does not get up as early as I do! So these pictures are after a couple cups of coffee!

We didn't end up going out for our date because our sitter was sick and canceled. I enjoy having those date nights with Justin, but for the sake of not having to deal with a restaurant and not eating and not drinking alcohol, I was not heart broken when she canceled.

I did 40 minutes of the interval cardio I've been doing all week yesterday morning. It does not get any easier! I feel so good when I'm done! Plus, I love being soaked in sweat first thing in the morning. It makes me feel like I've really done something!!

I went to karate, my hair still wet from the sweat, and we ran all our moves as a class. That felt good! We always go all out when we have the energy of 7 black belts in the room. The intensity and speed just goes up a notch! Love it!

My diet was perfect yesterday. No issues with that yesterday. I know I blogged about it yesterday too, but looking back on last week, I really had a snacky week. I have to be all over that this coming week. No mindless eating or thinking "just one" won't kill will kill me!!

I am still deciding if I am going to rest today or do some cardio. I'm just going to see how I feel and what I feel like as the day goes on!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

83 Days Out!

The scale went down again this morning but I have not lost what I wanted to for the week. My body is really fighting me to lose pounds on the scale. It just barely moves and then may go right back up. I guess it's okay though. Diana reassures me not to rely on the scale. We are looking at body composition, so inches and body fat. She won't measure those again until next Monday.

Yesterday went well. I did the program on our treadmill that has 40 minutes of cardio. It was a nice change. Not as hard as what I have been doing, but it was good. I burned close to 500 calories and got sweaty. I lifted weights (chest/tri) and that went good. My diet was good. I had one weak moment when Justin got some spicy chicken nuggets from Wendy's and then their boneless buffalo wings. I wanted to try them too!! So I had one bite of a spicy nugget and then two of the boneless wings. I know it's bad. I have had weak moments 3 times this week. I had one day where I had 5 pretzels, 5 crackers, 2 danish butter cookies; another day I ate the 4oz of regular pasta, 4 oz of regular meat sauce and garlic bread; and then yesterday! No wonder the scale isn't moving!

I am putting that behind me. On Monday, I will be 12 weeks out and I can not put anything in my mouth that is not part of my competition diet. I have to be strong. Those times last week when I ate cheats, I would tell myself, Oh, it's just a little, it's not going to affect you! That might have been true if I had only said that once, but I said it THREE times! LOL! So, enough of that.
I have my eye on the prize. I am making progress and I do not want to sabatoge all the work I am doing over crap food that I really don't care about! Not worth it!

We are going out on our date night tonight. We may be meeting up with some friends. My menu is already planned out for the day and I am sticking to it! When we go to a restaurant my plan is to order a house salad just so I can have something in front of me, but my meal will be eaten out of a tupperware container at some point. These are the nights that I am not sure how to handle quite yet. I eat my last meal at 6:30p, but I am sure I will be in a restaurant about then. So, will I eat before we go in, or wait and eat it in between the restaurant and where ever we go next? I guess I'll figure it out tonight. And now that we are throwing friends into the mix tonight, it should be even more interesting! I am not going to do what I did last weekend though and eat on the appetizer just because it's chicken skewers and in my regular life that is healthy. Then for dinner, I ordered a salad with a salmon filet, which again is a healthy choice, but not right now. Who knows how much oil or other kind of fat was on that chicken and salmon? So, nothing at restaurants can be trusted right now for me. I have to to only eat my own food. Man, this is hard!

Oh! I got my shoes yesterday! Holy Crap THEY ARE HIGH!! I had tried to picture what 5" heels would feel like, but I was way off! I didn't have a problem walking in them yesterday but my poor ankles and calves and balls of my feet. I definitely have to wear them for a little while every day just so my body can get used to being in them. Otherwise I am going to die from the pain on stage!! I was really surprised that I could walk in them though. It's basically like walking around on your tip toes only you don't have to balance because you have the heel post to do that. That was exciting to get those and walk around in them yesterday! I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow and wear them! We'll see how much it changes the way my calves look!

Okay, so, today is 40 minutes of cardio, karate and shoulders. Happy Saturday!

Friday, January 29, 2010

84 Days Out!

I had a great day yesterday! I had so much energy and felt really focused. Nice change from Tuesday when I felt like a zombie and slept most of the day! I did 40 minutes of interval cardio on the treadmill. I really like the 1 minute intervals of 6mph at 10% - 4mph at 1% that I'm doing. I did it for 20 minutes again yesterday and jogged and walked at a slower pace for the other 20 minutes. I was soaked with sweat and dying!! It was great! Then I went to karate and no one had shown up to run moves with me so I was going to do my own thing and do some exercises in between each chart. After a couple charts another girl showed up and she was willing to do the crazy exercises too and then a chart later another girl showed up and she jumped in too. I didn't actually think I would be able to do all the exercises between every single chart all the way to 3rd black but with those other girls in there and each of us pushing each other we did it! It felt so great! Then we just stayed in our workout clothes and worked on some weapons katas that we needed to work on. I left there feeling so great! I love being around other people that get into stuff like that and want to work hard and get sweaty and love it! We are all going to do it from now until myself and another one of the girls test in June. All three of us have different ideas about what exercises we can do, so we won't be doing the same thing every week! I am really excited!

My diet was good yesterday. The scale didn't go down today like it should have given what I ate and the exercises I did, but my body hates gluten! I know that, but don't always think about it when I am eating something I want to eat! I was wanting mexican yesterday, so after karate I ate 3 low carb wheat wraps with 4oz. ground turkey, 4 oz lettuce and salsa (made with real ingredients, no words you can't pronounce!) spread out over the 3 wraps (not 4oz of everything in each!). Then for dinner my husband was also craving mexican so we made fajitas and I ate 2 low carb wraps with ground turkey, bell peppers, onions, lettuce and salsa. I can tell my body is reacting to the wheat wraps. It was soooo good though! It is just a temporary weight gain. I'll pound water today and clean it all out. I feel dehydrated this morning, like a head feels tight and I'm a little congested. I have to stay away from gluten!! I don't know how many times I have said that, but sometimes it taste so good, I'm willing to suffer the consequences!

Today I need to do my 40 minutes of interval cardio and lift weights. I might do another round of cardio this afternoon to make sure the scale goes down tomorrow! I need another good loss this week so I don't want to take any chances! I can not have any plateau weeks. The scale needs to be consistently going down from now on!

I was thinking about doing an Insanity DVD for my cardio today but my back is sore so I am sticking with the treadmill. After Sunday, I am 12 weeks out from the competition! That is not a lot of time. I am excited again to take pictures on Sunday and see what changes have happened this week. I am feeling really good. I feel like I am doing everything I can to reach my goal!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

85 Days Out!

This will be a quick entry as I need to get started on my 40 minutes of cardio. I fell off the wagon yesterday...actually I just leaned over the edge! I had salad with oil/vinegar dressing, 4 oz of regular spaghetti, 4 oz of regular meat sauce and 2 pieces of garlic bread with butter. I felt like shit after! My head was swimming and I felt very revved up from all the simple carbs (SUGAR!). My body was NOT happy with me.

I still lost another pound though! Yay!

I did my 40 minutes of interval cardio on the treadmill and lasted the 20 minutes I had set for my goal. The other 20 minutes was a mixture of jogging and walking but at a much slower pace!! I worked back and biceps with Diana. The rest of my diet was good yesterday. I just had a week moment around 4pm. I was probably just tired and should have taken a nap!

Today I am doing my 40 minutes of interval cardio and 2 hours of karate. I am going to see how I feel and I may lift weights. I might save the lifting for Friday and Saturday!

That's it, gotta go jump on the treadmill!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

86 Days Out!

Yesterday was the strangest day! I was soooo tired. I did my interval cardio in the morning like I planned only I had to make some adjustments to the times and I think I just knocked myself out for the rest of the day! My plan was to do 6mph @ 10% for 2 min, then knock it down to 4mph @ 1.5% for 1 min. So I warmed up for 5 min, then started cranking it up....I lasted 1.5 minutes at 6mph! So, I did intervals of 1 minute! I had planned to do the intervals for 30 minutes and I could only do 15 minutes! It was so hard! So I did the 6mph/10% and 4mph/1.5%, one minute intervals for 15 minutes then jogged for 15min and then walked for 5 minutes for my cool down. I was spent! I still had to bath all my clients and get them ready for school/dayhab, plus lift weights and then get to karate for my hour of training and hour of class. I did not lift weights. I told myself I would do that after karate, but then after karate, I came home, ate and took a two hour nap!! I couldn't believe hour tired I was! I got a little lecture from Justin about not lifting and how I have to suck it up and push through and it's only going to get harder. I have to remember why I am doing this and how I want to look......etc. I know I needed to hear it, but I was sooooo tired! I feel like there are 7 days in the week and I have to lift weights four of thos days, so why does it matter which four I do it on? I know he's right, it's only going to get harder. I am going to have days when I am tired and I am going to have to push myself to lift weights or do cardio. This is a learning process! I'm sure I'll get the same lecture when I see Diana today and she asks me how my training went yesterday!

I did make it to karate but was feeling sluggish and just kind of moving around not really motivated. Then another girl came in to run techniques so I ran them with her and it was just what I needed! I was so glad she showed up, it gave me that little push I needed to get moving! Class was good too. I learned more of my kata. I have GOT to be getting close to being done with that one! It is taking forever! I still have to make up my own kata and I would really like to get instruction on that and get going, but of course that will be the last thing my instructor talks to me about to really test me!!

During my nap yesterday, I dreamt about eating a plain Hershey bar. It was delicious! But, it was just a dream!

Today I have to get motivated! I am not going to think about being tired. I think I kept talking about being so tired yesterday that it made me MORE tired! So I am going to keep positive talk in my head today! I am energetic! I feel great! I am ready to conquer the day!

I am going to do the same cardio as yesterday and see if I can do the intervals for 20 minutes or longer! I am working out with Diana today! And that's about it. I need to get my butt back to yoga. I haven't been in like a month!

Okay...that's all for today! Time for cardio!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

87 Days Out!

Holy Legs! I am feeling my workout this morning! Not as bad as I will be feeling it tomorrow morning but I can feel that I worked legs yesterday. I had a great day yesterday. Diana took all measurements and just as I had hoped they all went down! Yay! I am finally seeing the progress and it feels good! I really lost in my waist/hip area and I can tell just by my clothes but it was good to see the numbers go down as well! I really need to lose in that area!

I did my 40 minutes of steady state cardio in the morning and did legs with Diana. We are going to increase my cardio a little faster than originally planned because I need to be getting this fat off of me a little faster. I am only 13 weeks out and around 25% body fat. So I am stepping up the cardio training this week to do as much interval as possible. Next week I will be increasing the time to 45 minutes/6 days a week and again as much interval as my body can take! I need to really bust it out and every cardio session should feel like it's the hardest I have ever done.

My diet was perfect yesterday. I am loving how easy the diet part has been for me. I really thought that would be the hardest. My carbs were oats, apple, and sweet potatoes; my proteins were protein powder, egg whites, chicken and ground turkey and my veggies were broccoli, green beans and mushrooms. I drank a gallon of water and took all my vitamins. I felt really good but was tired by 8pm. I went to bed at 8:30p to relax, crochet and watch some TV and couldn't keep my eyes open. I dozed in and out for about an hour and was asleep by 9:30p. I feel well rested this morning though and getting up at 5:15a wasn't hard! My diet is staying the same for now. Diana didn't drop my calories yet.

So I need to hit my cardio hard today. I normally do an Insanity DVD for my interval cardio, but I think I will do some treadmill work this morning. I am going to warm up, then raise the incline to 10% and run at 6 for 2 min, then lower it all and walk at 4 for 1 min.....and do that back and forth for 30 minutes, then jog the last 10 minutes at 5mph for a cool down. I am ready for spring and earlier sunrises so I can get outside first thing in the morning!

I received an email that my shoes have shipped! Can't wait to get those and start walking! Not sure about my suit still. I ordered one about a month ago not really knowing what I was doing. I need to talk with Diana about that and see if she has any advice on the matter. I just have no idea what I am doing. I probably should not have bought the suit but I was afraid, with it being competition season, that the suits would get sold out fast. There are a lot of custom-made places out there and Diana has given me the name of one, but they are pricey. I need to look into the places that rent them. I still have some time to think about it but I don't know how soon I need to have everything in place. I have my hair appointment made with my favorite hair stylist! I have my tanning appointment made as well, which reminds me I need to pay her to keep that appointment!! So I need appointments for waxing, nails, pedicure and makeup. There are so many little steps to getting ready besides just getting my body ready! I am still 13 weeks out so I have plenty of time!

Okay, that's it for today. I am going to do cardio now, eat, lift weights (back/bi), go to karate and run all my stuff, eat, take my karate class and then come home and eat!! Busy morning!

Monday, January 25, 2010

88 Days Out!

Hello Monday. Yesterday ended up being a lazy Sunday. I had planned on doing steady state cardio and shoulders and didn't. Not good. I can't let that happen again. All those other girls are not missing a workout so I can not start that just because I feel tired.

Also, I didn't have enough good carbs in the house so I got a little snacky and ate 5 mini pretzels, 5 Tollhouse crackers, and a 2 Danish butter cookies! I also had 2 sugar free jellos. I tried to just snack on cucumbers, but I needed some carbs! I should have eaten some oatmeal!

So yesterday was not a perfect day but it happens. Today is a new day. This week my cardio increases to 40 minutes per day. So I will be doing 40 minutes of steady state and then working legs with Diana.

I need to get to the grocery store and get some sweet potatoes. I really prefer those for my carb. I like brown rice, but I think it bloats me or makes me retain water or something. I like how I feel after eating sweet potatoes better than brown rice. So I need to get stocked up on those, veggies and ground turkey. That's my favorite meal: Ground turkey with taco seasoning, roasted veggies and sweet potatoes (either roasted or boiled). Yum!

Diana is going to measure my body fat today and take all my other measurements as well. I am excited for that!

So that's about it for today. Nothing new happening. I am still feeling good and plugging along!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

89 Days Out!

Finally! I broke the plateau I have been on since October! I am in the 140's!! Yaaay!!!! My body is finally responding! I was getting so frustrated. I feel so great this morning! I can't wait to take my body fat measurements tomorrow. I am hoping for at least a loss of 2%.

Here are my progress pics for the week. I can see very subtle changes. My legs are looking tighter. Actually everything looks just a little bit tighter. So I am happy with them. Not dramatic changes yet, but it's happening!

Yesterday was a great day. We went on our first date since I have been on my comp prep diet. Well, since I got serious about my comp prep diet, since according to this blog it started on December 11th! I actually got serious on Jan. 11th!! I ate my 3:30p meal at 4:30p, on the way down to our restaurant, out of a tupperware container. By the time we got there and got food it was 5:30p. I still had one more meal I needed to eat so I chose from the menu carefully! Justin order grilled Chicken skewers for an appetizer so I ate 1 3/4 of those. I ordered a salad with a grilled salmon filet, citrus vinegarette on the side, and didn't eat all the salmon or salad and used about 1/4 of the dressing. I had no alcohol, which was the hardest part of the whole night. Then we walked over to see a movie and sat in the bar while we waited. I drank water and snacked on some popcorn they put on the table. It was a cup with maybe 2 oz. and Justin ate a couple bites! So this morning I was just looking for the scale to stay the same and begging it not to go UP because of the butter that I'm sure was on the salmon and the popcorn and the chicken! To my surprise it went down 2.7lb!! I was so excited. I had to weigh myself 3 times to make sure I was standing on the scale correctly!!

It's good to see the hard work finally paying off! I just need to keep doing what I am doing. I am going to do 35 min. of steady state cardio today and keep my diet on track.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

90 Days Out!

I slept in a little today but now I am rushing trying to get everything done before I go to a karate graduation to be a support person for a girl at my school. I got my 35 minutes of interval cardio done and now I am trying to cram oatmeal down my throat and enjoy some coffee! I need to get in the shower and get going!

Yesterday was a good day. My body was very tired! I took a rest day and enjoyed it! I tried to do an Insanity DVD in the morning and couldn't finish it. So, I decided to listen to my body and rest. I will be doing shoulders today.

We went to my dad and stepmom's last night and she made roast, potatoes, carrots, corn and broccoli and chocolate chip cookies for dessert! It all looked and smelled so good, but I brought chicken, broccoli and sweet potatoes so I was good! I wasn't even tempted by the cookies. They both understood why I had to bring my own food and it was no big deal. We had a great visit!

Tonight we are going to see Avatar, so there will be movie theater temptations, but none for me! I'll eat before we go and bring some cucumbers to snack on if I get hungry.

I ordered my shoes yesterday. Hopefully they are not backordered again. I want to get those as soon as possible and start walking in them! I am not an high-heel girl so it's going to take me awhile to look comfortable in 5" heels!

I am feeling really great! I can't wait to take pictures tomorrow and see the changes! My stepmom hasn't seen me since Thanksgiving and she made a comment that I just keep losing weight and asked how much more I had lost since they saw me last and I said NONE! I haven't lost a pound since Thanksgiving but I am looking leaner, so that is a good sign! The fat is coming off! Someone else made a comment about me looking like I had lost more weight too, and I'm thinking well good, even though the scale doesn't show it! So, it's good for me to hear all that. Pictures tomorrow and body fat measurements on Monday. I am excited to see some progress!

Friday, January 22, 2010

91 Days Out!'s worth getting up at 5:30a to enjoy my 2 cups of coffee! I had a great day yesterday. Did my 35 minutes of interval cardio, lifted weights (back/bi), and went to karate for two hours. I ate all my food and drank a gallon of water. My energy level was up and I felt awesome!

The scale went up a pound yesterday morning, but I'm not worried, because then it went down a pound this morning! Diana (my trainer), told me not to get on the scale until Monday, but I can't help it, I am addicted to my scale! It has been good to have this crazy week with the scale because I am caring less about what it says. I can tell I am looking leaner. My stomach is flatter and I think I see some abs trying to peak out!! YAY! Can't wait to take pictures on Sunday and see differences! Can't wait for my back fat to start coming off too. Such a terrible place to carry fat, you can't even suck that in!! I was flexing my back last night and I could see some muscles moving! So that's good, my back is getting leaner!

My carbs yesterday were oats, sweet potatoes and an apple; veggies were broccoli, yellow squash, zuccini, green beans and mushrooms; proteins were protein powder and ground turkey. I really enjoyed all my meals yesterday. I love all my veggies roasted. I even roasted the baby green beans (the really thin ones) and they were delicious. Like a green bean french fry!! Ha! Sweet potatoes are my fav. They fill me up and taste so good. I don't think I'll ever get sick of them!

Today is 35 minutes of interval cardio and shoulders. Better get going, my hour of waking up is over!!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

92 Days Out!

Good Morning! I got up an half hour earlier today so I have more time to drink coffee, write my blog, read other blogs, play on facebook and just wake up! I was feeling too rushed. I am eventually going to have to get up even an half hour earlier than this in order to get all my cardio in so I am working myself into it!!

I had a great day yesterday. Did my 35 minutes of steady state cardio by running/walking stairs. That was hard! I probably won't do that again for awhile! It kicked my butt! I worked chest and triceps with Diana. She kicked my butt as usual! It is such a weird feeling to NOT be able to push yourself up from a pushup. I was telling myself to push up and nothing was happening! Ha! My chest muscles and triceps were toast by then! At the end she had me get on the stairclimber with a 20lb vest on! Now THAT kicked my butt! It was one of the hardest cardio sessions I have ever done! We are measuring body fat on Monday and I am excited to see how much I have lost. The scale is against me, but I know I am making progress. Hopefully I am retaining muscle and losing body fat!! Diana is having me add another day of cardio so I am doing 6 days of cardio instead of 5. I may have already written about that in a previous blog. That doesn't bother me a bit. I actually like doing cardio.

Justin really helped me put things in perspective yesterday. We were talking about how I keep hearing and reading that this will be the hardest thing I ever do, but it will be worth it and Justin said well those people haven't been through a black belt test! Ha! True! A black belt test is a lot harder physically and then nursing school was a lot harder mentally. So this isn't the hardest thing I have ever gone through, it's just happening right now!! I have been through two black belt tests and graduated nursing school, if I can make it through those things, I can make it through just about anything! I think it's just the unknown that takes a toll on me! The anticipation of not knowing what is ahead. I understand that there will be cutting calories involved and more cardio and harder workouts, but not knowing how my body and mind will react causes me a little anxiety! I am just taking one day at a time though and we'll see what happens.

I have a feeling that one day I am going to wake up and see dramatic changes. That's kind of what happened last summer when I started this whole weight loss thing. I looked the same for months and then all of a sudden, I looked totally different and everyone was like "WHOA! What are you doing? You look tiny! How much weight have you lost?", etc. I went down 2 sizes in pants and starting wearing size small workout clothes. It was literally like it happened over night. So, that's what I'm hoping for again! I don't know what my body is waiting for though, hurry up already! I can't possibly be actually gaining weight like the scale says because I am eating perfect and doing all my workouts, so it's just not possible.

Okay, my hour of waking up is over! Time for 35 minutes of interval cardio, followed by back/biceps, followed by 2 hours of karate! I love Thursdays! I love getting to karate an hour before everyone else and cranking up my music and just busting out my moves. It's such a great feeling!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

93 Days Out!

Oh WOW are my legs sore! I love and hate the feeling! Ha! I had a great day yesterday. My energy level was up and I was feeling good! I did an Insanity DVD in the morning for my 35 minutes of interval cardio then went to karate for 2 hours. Ran my moves for the first hour and attended class for the second hour. I remembered to bring food this time! So, in between running moves and class I ate an apple, broccoli and a protein shake. I felt great! Only, I forgot I was supposed to lift weights! I was so proud of myself for getting my morning schedule worked out so I could fit everthing in, but forgot I had planned on doing back/biceps! I guess I will be doing those Thursday and shoulders Friday! I am still trying to get a routine going!

While out grocery shopping, we stopped and got some sashimi. I had 3 salmon, 3 tuna, and 3 white fish, a small house salad, and edamame. That is the first time I have strayed from my chicken/sweet potato/broccoli diet, but hopefully it's not really a cheat. We'll see what my body thinks about it this week! I also bought some different frozen veggies yesterday so I can mix it up and not eat broccoli so much. Justin is thankful for that as well! Yesterday, I roasted zuccini, squash, mushrooms, bell peppers, onion and a little broccoli. It was yummy! I sliced the sweet potatoes with my mandoline and roasted those too, so I had chips! I love them!

I got the new Oxygen magazine. I love looking through that. It's very motivating! I also got a new flavor of gum...berry! It's a little delicious treat!

The scale has not gone down all week. Maybe that's good. I need to learn to let that go and not rely on that number to dictate how I feel each day. It hasn't gone up either, it's just stayed exactly the same!

Today is steady state cardio for 35 minutes and Chest/Triceps with Diana. I feel good this morning. A little tired and a lot sore, but my energy level is up and I feel like (after this cup of coffee) I am ready to get going with my day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

94 Days Out!

Yesterday was kind of an emotional day. The fact that I didn't lose as much weight as I thought I would really got to me. I was on the verge of tears all the way down to the gym to work out with Diana. I spent most of last week very sore and very tired and just kept telling myself it was temporary and it would pay off on the scale. Well, IT DIDN'T! I was pissed yesterday. Diana put me through an awesome leg workout which zapped me physcially and by the end of the workout, I couldn't stop a few tears from coming. The good thing is, she understands. She told me I need to trust my body, trust her and trust this process. It's not going to come off fast, in fact we don't want it to, because we want to retain as much muscle as possible. She also said, at this point, we are less concerned with the number on the scale and more concerned with what my body fat is. I need to be losing 1-2%BF/week. We will measure it every 2 weeks. So that's good. That is not something I can obsess about. I have calipers and could measure it at home, but it would probably be different than Diana's number, so I won't be measuring myself. It was a great workout and I felt a lot better the rest of the day.

I found some other blogs about girls competing and read those yesterday. I also figured out how many weeks until the competition and printed out a countdown poster to hang on our fridge, so I can cross the weeks off. I did that for nursing school and it really helped to visually see progress! I am 14 weeks out and that is not that long!

Also, Justin and I started another one of our weightloss bets. Whoever gets to their goal first gets 2 days off. Last time we bet whoever lost 20lb first got a week off, but that's too much pressure right now! We both have a goal we want to get to by the competition and doing the other person's job for 2 days is not such a big deal! Sorry, Justin, I'm going to win AGAIN!!

So, besides doing legs with Diana yesterday, I did 35 minutes of steady state cardio and ate a clean diet. I was having cravings yesterday so I drank some orange crystal light and it was yummy! It was like dessert!! Took care of my thoughts of anything else!

I am going to try to relax about the number on the scale. It's so hard. That is such a motivating factor for me. When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is weigh myself and when the number goes down, I am so excited! I have gotten used to letting that set my emotions for the rest of the day. I have to get past that. I think I have said it before in this blog, but this is going to be such a mental journey for me. I am going to be learning so many things about myself. Like this lesson...I am addicted to my scale!!! I have to learn to let that go. I AM making progress!

Another fun thing Justin and I have started doing these past couple of days is planning the weekend of the competition. We are thinking we will go to the after party to see what that is like. Saturday night, I want to go our favorite french restaurant and have Boullibaise (seafood stew). We can't decide if we want to get a sitter and spend a night out either Friday or Saturday. It's fun to think about that weekend. These weeks leading up to it are going to be hard, but that weekend is going to be so fun!

This is all going to pay off in the end. No matter what happens at the competition, I will be in the best shape of my life and I will have learned so much and grown so much along the way.

I am going to believe in myself, believe in Diana, and believe in the process!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

95 Days Out!

Sooooo...the scale is moving in the WRONG direction! Grrrrr! I am a little peeved this morning because for the past 2 days the scale has gone up instead of down. What the hell? I am looking forward to talking with Diana today and showing her my food log and seeing what changes I need to make. I really thought this week would be a killer week and I would have a good 3-4lb weight loss, but it looks like a 2-pounder this week. Which is better than no loss but I was expecting a lot more. I didn't do any cardio yesterday. I was still pretty sore and tired, so I thought it would be better to rest and be ready for another hard week. Sunday is the only day I truly rest with no exercise because Saturday I have karate. We ran all our techniques on Saturday and that usually burns 200-300 calories. I guess that wasn't enough. I'll see what Diana says about it.

Besides that, yesterday was a great day! I ate my food and did a lot of crocheting! I finally got all my Christmas decorations put away too, so we have our house back! No more Christmas decorations in my progress pictures! Ha! I also spent several hours on and looking at figure competition girls' pictures and videos. Seeing what those girls look like, sure makes me want to work harder!

I don't have too much else to say. I am still feeling really good about the competition. I feel like I am making progress, even though it is slower than I would like! I know I can do this. I just have to keep moving forward and sticking with the diet and doing all my workouts. Consistency! Slow and steady wins the race, right? I am down to 14 weeks!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

96 Days Out!

Here are my progress pics for the week! Not huge changes yet, but as the weeks go by these pictures will be fun to review! The scale went up a little this morning. That is a little discouraging, but I'm going to keep plugging along today. Will probably do some cardio today even though I planned on resting. I wanted a good 3-4 lbs this week so I've got to do extra work! I understand that I can't get that kind of weight loss every week, but with my menstrual cycle and water retention, I really think I should have a big loss this week. My body doesn't always do as it's told though!! :)

I ate what I was supposed to yesterday and went to karate. The rest of the day was spent crocheting! My upper body was so sore yesterday it hurt to move! I took a hot jacuzzi bath and got a back rub from Justin and am feeling much better this morning! Yesterday was mainly my back and abs hurting, but now that those feel better, I can feel my chest!

I felt tired yesterday. I went to bed around 10pm and didn't wake up until 7:25am, which is sleeping in for me! I must have needed the sleep!

My body needs to get with the program! It has not caught up to my brain yet! Mentally I am focused and clear headed, physically I am tired and sore!!

Well, that's about it. Nothing too new or exciting today. Just the pics. Can't wait for those to start showing some major progress!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

97 days out

Yay! It's Saturday and time to rest! My body needs it! I am sooooo sore. There is not one muscle that isn't sore this morning! Well, actually my legs are feeling pretty good, finally. My upper body, on the other hand, is so sore it's painful to do anything!

I went to my younger brothers 21st birthday party last night at a bar and didn't have one drink. It was strange not doing a shot with him or having a drink, but I have to stay focused. I don't think he minded, he appeared to be feeling good and having a great time!! I also ate right before I went so I wouldn't be tempted by any bar food and I chewed gum the whole time too. Gum is a life saver!

I felt pretty tired yesterday. I think all the muscle soreness kind of added to that too. I just didn't feel like doing anything, because every time I moved it hurt.

My diet still seems to be a no brainer. I am eating what I am supposed to eat. My proteins yesterday were protein powder, chicken, ground turkey; veggies were broccoli; carbs were oats and brown rice. I drank a gallon of water and took my vitamins! I did 35 minutes of steady state cardio and did chest and triceps. The cardio was harder than it has been, but again I think being so sore had a lot to do with that. The chest/tricep workout went great.

I have karate this morning and then nothing. I am going to rest and drink lots of water and eat my food and let my body heal today! I am still feeling really good even with all the soreness. My mind is clear and focused.

I will be taking progress pictures tomorrow and posting them. I am pretty excited about that. I think there will be a noticable difference. The scale continues to go down and even Justin said I looked skinnier the other day and I noticed that too. It's hard for me to see changes sometimes because I am constantly looking at myself and posing in front of the mirror! LOL! But I looked different yesterday, so that's exciting!! It's coming off! I can't wait to see those muscles as they get uncovered! Come on fat, GET OFF MY MUSCLES!! LOL!

Friday, January 15, 2010

98 days out!

Yesterday was a learning experience for me. I am still trying to get my timing down with workouts/work/karate/eating/life!! So I did my cardio, ate my first meal and then went to karate an hour early to run my moves, forgetting that I have another meal in that time period to eat! So I was at karate for 2 hours with no food. Since I am starting my training for 3rd black and will be going into karate an hour early two days a week, I need to pack my 2nd meal and eat it in between running my stuff and actual class.

My body was also really tired yesterday. I did one of the Insanity DVDs for my interval cardio and then 2 hours of karate. I was thinking I would do chest/triceps yesterday, but I am going to listen to my body and do those today. It would have been too much yesterday. Plus I do better when I workout in the morning so trying to rush around and cram all that in to get to karate an hour early is ridiculous.

So, today I did my steady state cardio for 35 minutes already, I'm getting ready to eat oats and protein powder and then I'll do chest and triceps after I work for awhile.

The scale is starting to go down as I lose the water I have been retaining all week! That is exciting to see! I felt a little worn out yesterday but slept really good last night!! Still feeling really good so far! Hope this feeling keeps up! I am so focused. I really think I can do this!

Oh, and did I mention how sore I am? Sooooo, sore!! This week is a total shock to my body! I had really been slacking off! Saturday and Sunday will be a good rest from lifting so I can be ready for Legs on Monday!


Thursday, January 14, 2010

99 days out!

And just like that I am down to double digits on my days out until the competition! I had a great day yesterday! Did my 35 minutes of cardio in the morning and worked out with Diana. We did back and biceps. I am feeling it this morning! There is nothing like working out with her! I can push myself at home and think I am doing awesome and it is just not the same! Having her right next to me, pushing me, believing that I can lift one more when I don't think I can makes all the difference! She keeps me focused and is excited for me when she knows I've completed something hard because she knows how it feels! She is also talking to me the whole time. Giving me advice about the competition, about life AFTER the competition. She is so knowledgeable about her profession and she shares everything she knows! Plus, she lives her life healthy and fit, so everything she is teaching me, she is actually doing herself. So she knows how everything feels. That is a huge help. She's not just repeating something she read out of a book or saw on a show, she is actually living it and then passing it on! The hour I spend with her is just awesome! Man, this is so fun! I can't wait to go back on Monday!

My diet was a no brainer yesterday. I ate everything I was supposed to, when I was supposed to. That has really become pretty easy! I just have to stay focused. I dreamt last night that I went to a party and ate nachos and half way through I was like "Oh No! What am I doing!". LOL! They tasted so good too! Ha!

So I'm on my own for the next 4 days but I have everything Diana has given me planned out! Today is 35 minutes of interval cardio, chest/triceps and karate.

I am feeling really good today (as if you couldn't tell!). Eating good food and exercising does amazing things for my brain!! My MC is wrapping up and should be done either today or tomorrow. I can't wait to start releasing the water I am holding so I can see how much weight I have lost this week! It should be good!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 days out!

Time is flying! I feel good about how I am doing. I haven't had one cheat in my diet and my workouts have been intense all week!

I had my "bad day" of my MC yesterday/last night so hopefully that is behind me and I can have an awesome workout with Diana today! The scale actually went down this morning but that's probably because the last meal I ate revisited me last night! I hate my MC!!

I will say I haven't had one weak moment during this MC that has had me reaching for anything unhealthy, or reaching for anything at all! I haven't had any cravings this month, it's unreal! My mind is so focused. I haven't allowed myself to even think of any other kind of food except what is on my meal plan for the day. And if something accidently pops in my head and I say, outloud, to Justin that I want to eat it on April 23rd! Then it's gone! I think it's easier to tell myself I will have it in a few weeks than thinking I "can't" have it.

So, diet was point on all day. Ran out of oats for the morning so had dry fiber one (the littel twigs) for my carb. The rest of the day my carbs were sweet potatoes and brown rice. My proteins were protein powder, chicken, ground turkey. The veggies were broccoli and spinach. Drank a gallon of water and took my vitamins. Feeling really good about this diet! It's not too hard yet! I am really liking all the food I am eating.

I did an Insanity DVD and a shoulder workout. It was hard and felt great! My legs are still sore from my workout on Monday! Yesterday I had a hard time sitting and getting back up and just walking around in general! This weekend is definitely going to be a lot of relaxing and letting my muscles rest after 4 days of lifting this week. My body is going to be tired!

I am still dealing with cramps today but hopefully nothing like yesterday. Usually after I am past the "bad day" I start feeling better. So hopefully these go away with some Ibuprofen. I am off to do 35 minutes of steady state cardio on the treadmill. We haven't purchased our elliptial yet! Can't wait for that. I need something different than the treadmill!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

101 days out!

I had a great day yesterday! I ignored that I was having light cramps all day and got my cardio in, ate perfect and had my first work out with Diana! We worked legs and I am definitely feeling it this morning!

We had a great talk during the workout to...well when I could breath and talk! Ha! She just really got me even more pumped up and drove it home that my intensity level has to stay high over the next 15 weeks. I have a lot of work to do still and I only have 15 weeks. So EVERYTHING counts! No cheat meals!

She took my measurements but I can't wait to retake them next week because I am retaining water so bad right now. All the numbers were up! So next week is going to look REALLY good!

My diet plan will stay the same but she sent me a food list to stick to. My cardio plan is new and will keep me focused! This morning I am doing 35 minutes of interval. I am going to use the Insanity DVD's for the interval cardio because that is exactly what they are. So I better get started!

Oh, my weight lifting will be 4 times a week it looks like. Legs, shoulders, back/bi, chest/tri and then I am going to talk to Diana about maybe making a fifth day for abs. So I'll be working 2 days with her and 2 days at home on my own, but she sent me the workouts. I feel really good about it! If I have too much freedom to do what I want, I start to slack and go easy on myself. So having a strict regimine to follow works for me!

Okay, gotta go get my cardio in!

Monday, January 11, 2010

102 days out!

This will be a quick post as I need to get downstairs on the treadmill! I have my first training session back with Diana today! I am very excited! I woke up with some cramps though, which totally stinks! I have popped some ibuprofen and I am going to try to go about my morning and pretend it is not happening!! I need to get my cardio done and a good carb meal before my workout. The good thing about my MC being this week is that next week I will have an awesome weight loss on the scale!! Haha! The scale went up 2 lbs this morning because of it! It's all water and it's what our bodies do so I'm not worried about it! Maybe I'll ask Diana to weigh me in and take my measurements NEXT Monday instead of today since I'm retaining so much!

So, yesterday was a good day. I didn't do any cardio or workout besides house work. I ate perfect all day though. Which I must say is amazing because I started today. Usually I am very snacky and want to eat chocolate and carby crap right before I start but I had my head so focused last week, I didn't even think about it! Hopefully this week will be the same. I am going to get my meals cooked and in containers ready to eat today so I don't have the chance to reach for chips when I am having my couple of bad days!

Okay, treadmill time!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

103 days out!

Good Morning! Here's some updated pictures. I will start adding them every Sunday so I can start seeing some changes. These pictures don't reflect any changes because I HAVEN'T CHANGED! But this month will be different! I will do the poses for the pics since I need to be practicing those anyway!
My recap of yesterday: I did the hardest interval program our treadmill offers. The last time I did it, I had to jump off a couple of times, but I did the whole thing and it wasn't too hard! I am very proud about that! It took 40 minutes and burned 425 calories then I went to karate. It felt good to get back in there after 3 weeks! It doesn't seem like that long, but yes, 3 weeks! One kata left to learn and then I have to come up with a personal kata. So much left to do before the end of May, but it felt good to get in there and move and do what I do! I LOVE karate! In all the unknown about the figure competition, it feels good to do what I know and what my body knows! It's good for me mentally!

My diet was good except I am cutting the ezekiel bread completely out. I thought it had less gluten than normal bread, or no gluten, or something different that made it better for me to digest but my body is reacting to goodbye ezekiel bread! I react to it by being gassy (I know, TMI, but it's what happens!), bloated AND the scale went up today and I know that's why! My carbs yesterday were oats, sweet potatoes and ezekiel bread; I ate broccoli for my veggies; and proteins were ground turkey, egg whites, and chicken. I never talk about the fats but I use olive oil on all my food and take a flaxseed supplement. I also had 2 T of natural peanut butter yesterday. Probably won't do that again either. I can't be trusted with peanut butter! I had one tablespoon the day before and then yesterday two tablespoons, so who knows how much I will start downing!! LOL!

The seminar for the figure competition was great! I learned a lot and feel better about the whole process. We even practiced posing and walking. I have a lot of practicing to do and Diana will be a huge help with that, but it was good to get a glimpse of what will be expected! It was a great experience! I am so glad I went! It's also pretty great that I can come home and Justin endulges me by letting me tell him all about it and actually being interested! I am very lucky! He is such a good support person and I'm going to need it! I don't know how anyone does this alone or without the support of the husband/wife. It would be way too hard! So, THANK YOU JUSTIN! Now, get on the same food program as me! LOL!

I was exhausted last night and was asleep by 10pm!

Tomorrow I start back with Diana and I can't wait! It is going to be painful and exhausting, but it will be so worth it! I might do some steady state cardio today, but mainly I am going to do some house work and rest up for tomorrow!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

104 days out!

Yesterday was another great day! Did the Insanity Max Plyo DVD and HOLY CRAP! it was hard!! I love plyometrics because it just kills every muscle in your body. I got the sick, nauseous feeling at the end so it must have been good! HA! I am sore this morning too! I ate afterward and then waited a couple of hours and lifted weights. My weight routine is not what is used to be or should be! I am too easy on myself! That will all change on Monday when I get back to the gym with Diana! Can't wait!

My diet was no problem again yesterday. I am having no problems with cravings. It's kind of surprising. I really have my mind set that I had all my cheats in New Orleans and I will have a cheat meal in Arizona in a month, so I'm good! I think that is getting me through because I just eat what I am supposed to eat and chew gum and don't think about it. I ate an apple right after my cardio; my carbs were oats, sweet potatoes, ezekiel bread; proteins were protein powder, turkey patty, egg whites, ground turkey; my veggies were spinach, tomato, onion, brussel sprouts. I drank a gallon of water and chewed gum (Extra Watermelon, of course!)! I took my vitamins which I think has really helped in improving my mood. I am sure getting all the crap out of my system helped too! I have really felt great these past couple days! Oh, and the scale went down again this morning!

I am ready for another successful day. I got up early on this Saturday morning so I could get some treadmill cardio in before I go to karate! After karate is a seminar for the figure competition. I am excited and nervous for that!

Friday, January 8, 2010

105 days out!

Yesterday was a great day! Still snowed in, but did an awesome cardio session on the treadmill! I jogged a lap at 5mph, then raised the incline to 10% and jogged a lap, then lowered it all the way back down and jogged 2 laps, then raised it all the way backup for another lap then lowered it back down and jogged it out until I got 2 miles. Then I lowered my mph to 4 and raised the incline back up to 10% and walked another mile. During the last lap I slowly started lowering both the incline and mph until I was cooled off! It was killer but burned over 500 calories in 40 minutes!

My diet consisted of oatmeal and sweet potatoes for my carbs; chicken, fish, egg whites and protein powder for my proteins; spinach and broccoli for my veggies. I drank a gallon of water and chewed Extra Watermelon gum all day! I also started taking all my vitamins yesterday and I felt much better! Not getting any sun starts to take a toll on a person!! I don't take anything fancy just a multi-vitamin, Tri-Flex, Vit D, Calcium, Flaxseed Oil.

I felt great yesterday and had a lot more energy! The scale went down again this morning! Hooray! I am back to my Pre-New Orleans weight!!

Gotta go workout!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

106 days out!

So....what to say today.....not much. I stuck to my diet yesterday. I did not do cardio or weights yesterday as I had a meeting for the most of the morning and didn't feel like it when I got home. So that will be my rest day for the week. The scale went down today. Hopefully that is a sign of what is to come. I need to start seeing the results from keeping my diet totally clean otherwise I start to lose hope! LOL! I am not planning ANY cheat meals until we go to Arizona in February. I had all the cheat meals I need to have in New Orleans! Diana's email the other day really helped. Any time I think, oh, I can have just one won't ruin anything...I think about her email. She said ".....every choice you make, every single day, counts!!" It has kept me in check all week! Thanks, Diana!!

I got a little panicky again yesterday and was thinking about dropping out of the whole thing (again)!! It is just so hard for me to picture myself getting there. I had a good talk with my husband about it and my fears about getting up on that stage in the heels...and the suit...and the people...aahhhh! He helped me soooo much. He told me not to think about ALL that. He said what I need to think about is what is going on today....not 4 months from now. He said to ask myself "What am I going to eat TODAY? What workout am I going to do TODAY?" And then tomorrow, get up and ask those same questions. Just take it one day at a time. So that is just what I am going to do! I can think things to death sometimes...until I make myself sick and just want to quit EVERYTHING! LOL! We have our big licensing inspection for our group home in April, the figure competition and then my 3rd black belt test the end of May. If I think about all that for too long (like I did yesterday!) it all becomes too much! I haven't even felt like going to karate because I feel so overwhelmed with all the work I have to do in there!!

I blame the snow!! We have been snowed in with all of our clients home for too long now! I need everyone to go back to their routines so I can clear my head! LOL! Joking aside, it WILL feel good this Saturday to go to karate and then there is a seminar for the figure competition the same day. I just need to get in touch with my goals again. I know I will feel a renewed energy!

Off to do cardio!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

107 days out!

Yesterday was a great day. I did the Insanity Max Cardio Interval DVD. It was awesome! I ate perfect all day. The scale showed I gained a pound today, but not worried as I am still trying detox from all the bad food so my body is not happy with me right now. I didn't feel all that great yesterday even with the awesome cardio workout and good food. I felt sluggish and foggy headed. I should be past this by the end of the week and be feeling like myself again! I have a nice "indoor grill" so I was able to make grilled salmon and chicken breasts yesterday. They turned out delicious! I also got a mandoline for xmas so I can make sweet potato chips. (baked, of course!) They are sooo good. A little olive oil and salt.....YUMMY! My carbs yesterday consisted of oats, sweet potatoes and brown rice. My proteins were protein powder, salmon, chicken, turkey meat balls. And the veggies were salad and broccoli. I chewed sugar free, Extra, watermelon gum all day too!! That really helps with the cravings for sugar! I also drank a gallon of water yesterday!

So, it was a great day overall! I am feeling like I am back on track!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

108 days out!

I'm back! Had to take a little holiday hiatus!

Whew..I'm glad that's over! What in the world was I thinking committing to my first competition prep during the holidays? So, that is behind me now and I am forging forward.

I let doubt get in my mind briefly while in New Orleans celebrating New Year's. My vision of my goal had gotten very cloudy. I couldn't see myself being able to do it anymore, but that was the carbs and sugar talking!! I got a nice little pep talk from my trainer, Diana, and I am back in it!

Yesterday was a great day! I lifted weights, ran a couple of miles on the treadmil and ate super clean!! I felt tired and a little irritated all day. Those carbs really get a hold of me and have a hard time letting go, but I won the battle yesterday!! It'll take a couple of days to detox from all the crap I ate in New Orleans (and before), but I have a positive attitude about it and have a clear picture of my goal. Every choice I make every single day counts! So, every time I want to eat a cookie or pasta, I am going to think about walking across that stage in my little figure suit and how good that is going to feel. I can eat that stuff on April 23rd! I'll think I'll start a list. Everytime I have a craving, I'll write it down. That way, mentally, I am giving myself permission to eat it the day after the competition...or the day of, as soon as I step off stage...but not today!!

I started this journey of creating a better, healthier me last May. It will be almost one year when I do the competition. What an amazing feeling that will be! It almost gets me choked up. This is the hardest goal I have every tried to achieve and yet it is the most valuable and rewarding. There is a battle being fought everyday in my brain about food! I MUST WIN!! :)

This winter is turning out to be a test on how creative I can get with cardio since there is no going outside....EVER!!! So, the Insanity DVD's are good, the treadmill, spin bike, stairs, running my karate moves, hitting the bag and jumping rope are all things to keep me from going crazy and getting bored. We are going to get an elliptical next week too. I can't wait for that!

I start back up with Diana on the 11th! Next Monday! YAY! That lady has so much positive energy.....just being around her makes me want to make good choices!! She will train me on Mon and Wed and then give me a workout plan for the rest of the days. And of course....THE DIET...she will be whipping me into shape with that and holding me accountable.

I do realize that I will not always have Diana. And that one day, I am going to have to make good food choices on my own, but not right now. I need her help to get through this plateau I have been on since October and knock these last 20lb off!! BE GONE 20LBS!!!