Monday, December 14, 2009

130 days out!

Yesterday was a great Sunday! I kept my diet clean all day, ate every 3 hours, got 40 minutes of cardio in before my breakfast, and drank a gallon of water! Success! The scale went up a couple of ounces this morning from yesterday morning. I guess maybe I used too much salt yesterday. More water today! Need to start seeing those numbers go DOWN this week. It's going to be a tough week though because it's that time of the month! I need to plan, plan, plan! I am using the Insanity cardio program from Beachbody. It is AWESOME!! It's too cold for me to run outside and I dread the treadmill, so I bought this 60 day cardio program for this winter. It is super hard, but wonderful. I will still run if we get some nice days this winter, but I just don't like running when it's below 40! I need to wear my Bodybugg today when I do the Insanity CD because I feel like I burning a ton of calories. Yesterday I was soaked, nauseous and noodley by the time it was that has to mean a lot of calories, right?!

I also will be planning for a cookie exchange on Thursday and a Christmas dinner party at a restaurant on Saturday. I have offered to host the cookie exchange and instead of going out to eat prior to the actual cookie part of it, I offered to cook at my house so I can control what I eat! My plan is to cook spaghetti as the main course. There will be regular spaghetti and then a healthier version which will be brown rice spaghetti noodles, and meat sauce made with ground turkey or maybe a turkey italian sausage! I will have extra salad and stay away from the bread! The christmas dinner will be my cheat meal for the week! My goal at the restaurant is to order as healthy as I can (which will be hard because it's at an Irish bar!) so that I can have a couple adult beverages!! The alcohol will be my cheat! So as you can see, it's only Monday but my mind is thinking ahead to my hurdles for this week so I can be prepared!

I am still feeling super positive and energized about this whole process! Oh, and did I mention how sore my calves are today? That Insanity is A LOT of plyometrics, so my calves are getting a beating right now while I get used to all the jumping!! LOL!

Today my goals are to get my cardio in before breakfast, keep my diet clean, drink a gallon of water, lift weights, get to a yoga class, and get my brown rice, ground turkey and chicken cooked for the week. Whew! I better get busy! I have a lot to do today!


  1. Do you cook everything ahead of time for the week?

  2. I cook the brown rice and meat once a week. I roast the broccoli and sweet potatoes, so I do that each day. They taste the best fresh out of the oven!