Tuesday, December 15, 2009

129 days out!

I got my cardio and lifting in yesterday. Kept my diet clean. We even went out to lunch and I got an asian chop salad with roasted chicken and sesame dressing on the side! It came with a fat free blueberry muffin so I had a couple bites and my husband ate the rest. I was hungry yesterday. I don't think I ate enough carbs.

I've done my cardio DVD this morning and now I am eating my oatmeal. I have karate in a couple of hours, then christmas shopping!! Hopefully we will get finished today!

For my cardio yesteray, the DVD that I was supposed to do for the day was the cardio recovery. I wore my bodybugg and it showed that I only burned 125 calories. I am shooting for at least 500 calories a day, so I ran my karate moves as hard and fast as I could and burned 205 then hopped on the treadmill for the remaining 170. The treadmill wasn't too bad actually. I have been dreading it lately, but I burned through the calories pretty fast because I set it at 10% incline and 5mph. It went very fast!!

This morning though was a more intense DVD. I burned 305 calories. I will burn the other 200 in karate.

Okay, that's it for today!

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