Wednesday, December 16, 2009

128 days out!

The days are flying by! I need to learn from yesterday. I was snacky and ate a lot of little things that add up. We went to lunch while out Christmas shopping and I stuck to a dark green salad with protein. Justin got fish tacos that came with tortilla chips and I ate 3 of those. Then later I was putting candy in little stockings for a school and ate 4 pieces of chocolate candy. THEN, Justin was eating a meal that had french fries and I ate one of those. So, I had 3 tortilla chips, 4 pieces of candy and a french fry! It was all so spread out through the day, I didn't think much about it, but when I was writing everything down it all adds up! I need to keep my hands to myself and not pick up little treats every time I see them. It's a bad time of year for that!! I will be dipping pretzels in chocolate soon, baking 5 dozen cookies for my cookie exchange and putting together other candy filled containers to take to people! Ugh! This is not going to be easy. Did I mention it's getting ready to be that time of the month also! I have to just keep plugging along. I can't let myself get lazy or hungry.

I am feeling tired this morning. Hopefully this coffee I am drinking will help! Better go start thinking about doing my cardio DVD!

Happy Wednesday!


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