Friday, December 18, 2009

126 days out!

Today will be lifting and cardio. I don't have much to say this morning as I am in a foul mood! Yesterday I had my cookie exchange and was so busy all day getting my house ready I didn't do any cardio, of course, I am going to go ahead and say cleaning three bathrooms was my cardio! Ha! My diet was terrible. I basically didn't eat anything until the cookie exchange. This feeling will pass. Next week my attitude will be much better, it's just my time to feel this way. It's easy for me to let my mind get carried away to April and what I'm going to do when my week to feel this way comes up. What am I going to do then? Ugh...but I can't let myself do that, all I can control is what is happening right now. So here I am 126 days out and today I will be lifting weights and getting 40 minutes of cardio!! I will set the intention to eat clean today once again as well! HA!

Happy Friday!

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  1. This too shall pass! You still look awesome and the holiday season will be over and diets will be clean once more! :)