Wednesday, December 23, 2009

121 days out!

My diet still manages to be my biggest struggle. BUT! I did have an awesome 4 mile run yesterday morning and it was outside!! It felt sooo good. I felt like I could keep going forever! It is raining today so I will be marching my fanny down to the treadmill in a little while. Won't be as good as being outside yesterday, but the best part of any run is the high from the hormones and I can still get that on the treadmill!! haha! I am letting go of all the water I retained last week. I hate that it happens but it's so gratifying to see myself lose 2 or 3 lbs in a day and then I remember it's only water and it only puts me back where I was a week ago!! So already a week and a half is gone for my competition prep! This is going too fast!

Everyday is the opportunity to make new choices and that's just what I will do. Today the goals are to make better choices with my diet and to get on the treadmill for at least 4 miles. I never got to the grocery store to get my chicken breasts so I could have those cooked up so my meals would be no brainers. I'm going to do that today! It's almost like subconsciously I am not planning ahead for my meals because I know once I do that, there will be no more cheating! Sabotage!!

I love living where there are seasons, but right now I wish I could turn on the heat and sunshine just for the next couple of months so I can get this last bit of fat off!! I chose to do this competition, though, there are others. I could have chosen to do one next September and my contest prep would have been done over the summer...why didn't I do that?!! But I chose this one, so I must be up for the challenge. Wouldn't want to make anything easy on myself!! Ha!

I am going to take update pics as soon as I get rid of the last bit of water I am holding. I want to do update pics every Sunday so I can see the little changes that WILL start happening!!

The holiday festivities for this week start tonight. I am excited. I will eat before I go and stay away from the food table. We are doing just appetizer type foods no food for me!! Nothing on that table is going to be good for me!! Tomorrow night is xmas eve, more food and this time alcohol...but this will be considered my cheat meal for the week so I will enjoy this night! Christmas day is biscuits and gravy at my mom's and then more christmas food that afternoon at my dad's. I better get those chicken breasts bought and cooked today!!

I am trying to remind myself that this is not the last christmas that I will ever celebrate. So, if I am the weirdo at the table that doesn't want to eat anything than that's just that....I am going to look good on stage!! I have been thinking so much about all the upcoming meals and how my family eats and how I will be eating....and it has made me think about something. It is going to make others uncomfortable with their own choices when I am sitting there with a plate filled mostly with salad and a little turkey. I know this, because I would feel that way. As soon as we pile food on our plates and make jokes about the plate being so full food has to touch, or even be piled on top of something else because there is no room left....we are sneaking looks at other people's plates to make sure they are doing the same thing. We have made it tradition to see how much we can eat and laugh about how full we can make our plates. It just doesn't feel like christmas if the table is not packed with carb-filled dishes with a side table close by with decorative plates of chocolate and other sugar-filled treats. But that's what I expect. If I showed up and my step-mom was serving salad and there were no peanut-butter balls, I would be disappointed. This year, I will keep my eyes to my own plate and fill it with salad and turkey. I will have a couple of peanut butter balls because those are my favorite. When I go to my mom's for biscuits and gravy, I will enjoy 1/2 a biscuit with a little gravy and I will be full and content because I will have already eaten oatmeal with protein powder at home that morning!

I have to make these food choices because I WANT to be on stage in April. And if I continue to make poor food choices just because it's the holidays, I can do that for anything. There is always an excuse to eat poorly and not workout. There is never a good time. So, now is MY good time!

That was my little pep talk for the day!


  1. You have no idea how much I love you for this little pep-talk. I have it all lined out in my head how it's going to go on Christmas as far as food- I'll have a little bit of ham and a little bit of mashed potatoes. I will go for serving sizes and not what looks good. Rather than eating leftovers for dinner, I'll have a salad instead. Rather than cinnamon rolls and crap for breakfast, I'll eat Oatmeal....UGH it's so frustrating Stacy!

    How many calories are you trying to take in a day? I'm trying to stay around 1200-1500 and hope that's the right number. :P I need someone to come feed me every day. If I had that I could stop obsessing about the food. This hasn't happened to me thus far in my diet, so I guess it had to happen at some point.

    The holidays kind of stink.

  2. I aim for 1500 as well! Hang in there during the holidays and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!! I know what you mean about wanting to have someone feed you! It would make everything so much easier!! Ha!

  3. you are so totally right when you talk about the holidays meaning you stuff yourself to the brim and fill your plates and look to see that its what everyone else is doing! don't feel uncomfortable when you are eating healthy and don't worry about making others feel that way. if WE are feeling GUILTY then WE know we should know better than to eat that bad! :) its inspiring and you are doing great. :) you have a good plan!