Wednesday, December 23, 2009

121 days out!

My diet still manages to be my biggest struggle. BUT! I did have an awesome 4 mile run yesterday morning and it was outside!! It felt sooo good. I felt like I could keep going forever! It is raining today so I will be marching my fanny down to the treadmill in a little while. Won't be as good as being outside yesterday, but the best part of any run is the high from the hormones and I can still get that on the treadmill!! haha! I am letting go of all the water I retained last week. I hate that it happens but it's so gratifying to see myself lose 2 or 3 lbs in a day and then I remember it's only water and it only puts me back where I was a week ago!! So already a week and a half is gone for my competition prep! This is going too fast!

Everyday is the opportunity to make new choices and that's just what I will do. Today the goals are to make better choices with my diet and to get on the treadmill for at least 4 miles. I never got to the grocery store to get my chicken breasts so I could have those cooked up so my meals would be no brainers. I'm going to do that today! It's almost like subconsciously I am not planning ahead for my meals because I know once I do that, there will be no more cheating! Sabotage!!

I love living where there are seasons, but right now I wish I could turn on the heat and sunshine just for the next couple of months so I can get this last bit of fat off!! I chose to do this competition, though, there are others. I could have chosen to do one next September and my contest prep would have been done over the summer...why didn't I do that?!! But I chose this one, so I must be up for the challenge. Wouldn't want to make anything easy on myself!! Ha!

I am going to take update pics as soon as I get rid of the last bit of water I am holding. I want to do update pics every Sunday so I can see the little changes that WILL start happening!!

The holiday festivities for this week start tonight. I am excited. I will eat before I go and stay away from the food table. We are doing just appetizer type foods no food for me!! Nothing on that table is going to be good for me!! Tomorrow night is xmas eve, more food and this time alcohol...but this will be considered my cheat meal for the week so I will enjoy this night! Christmas day is biscuits and gravy at my mom's and then more christmas food that afternoon at my dad's. I better get those chicken breasts bought and cooked today!!

I am trying to remind myself that this is not the last christmas that I will ever celebrate. So, if I am the weirdo at the table that doesn't want to eat anything than that's just that....I am going to look good on stage!! I have been thinking so much about all the upcoming meals and how my family eats and how I will be eating....and it has made me think about something. It is going to make others uncomfortable with their own choices when I am sitting there with a plate filled mostly with salad and a little turkey. I know this, because I would feel that way. As soon as we pile food on our plates and make jokes about the plate being so full food has to touch, or even be piled on top of something else because there is no room left....we are sneaking looks at other people's plates to make sure they are doing the same thing. We have made it tradition to see how much we can eat and laugh about how full we can make our plates. It just doesn't feel like christmas if the table is not packed with carb-filled dishes with a side table close by with decorative plates of chocolate and other sugar-filled treats. But that's what I expect. If I showed up and my step-mom was serving salad and there were no peanut-butter balls, I would be disappointed. This year, I will keep my eyes to my own plate and fill it with salad and turkey. I will have a couple of peanut butter balls because those are my favorite. When I go to my mom's for biscuits and gravy, I will enjoy 1/2 a biscuit with a little gravy and I will be full and content because I will have already eaten oatmeal with protein powder at home that morning!

I have to make these food choices because I WANT to be on stage in April. And if I continue to make poor food choices just because it's the holidays, I can do that for anything. There is always an excuse to eat poorly and not workout. There is never a good time. So, now is MY good time!

That was my little pep talk for the day!

Monday, December 21, 2009

123 days out!

125 and 124 days out passed with a whole lotta feeling crappy, laying in bed, not working out and cheating!! I did a whole lot of talking about how I am doing a figure competition in April and how to get there I am eating clean and working out every day and blah, blah, blah...all the while drinking glass after glass of wine and eating cookies. Ha! Today is a new day and the first day of a new week! My yoga teacher always tells us to set the intention to be good to yourself and make the right choices. Last week I set a lot of intentions that I knew I wasn't really going to do. Instead I layed in bed, ate cookies, drank wine, and popped Ibuprofen. Not this week. Maybe I should have started my blog today!! Last week is going to happen again. It happens every month. So it just shows me that I have to be way ahead of the game so that when "last week" happens in April I have some room to let it happen and not get stressed out!

So, let's try this blog again. I am 123 days out from a figure competition. I can do this.....(exhale)

Today I will get in 40 minutes of cardio, eat clean, and lift weights. My cardio is going to be the Insanity DVD. Weights will be full body, very little rest....I want to keep my heart rate up the whole time. I need to burn some calories this week....3500 calories per pound, right? I better get busy!

Friday, December 18, 2009

126 days out!

Today will be lifting and cardio. I don't have much to say this morning as I am in a foul mood! Yesterday I had my cookie exchange and was so busy all day getting my house ready I didn't do any cardio, of course, I am going to go ahead and say cleaning three bathrooms was my cardio! Ha! My diet was terrible. I basically didn't eat anything until the cookie exchange. This feeling will pass. Next week my attitude will be much better, it's just my time to feel this way. It's easy for me to let my mind get carried away to April and what I'm going to do when my week to feel this way comes up. What am I going to do then? Ugh...but I can't let myself do that, all I can control is what is happening right now. So here I am 126 days out and today I will be lifting weights and getting 40 minutes of cardio!! I will set the intention to eat clean today once again as well! HA!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

127 days out!

So I really want to blog every day leading up to my competition, but not so much today! I feel tired, and my head feels foggy. Honestly, I feel like a fat, lazy pig! Yesterday was not a healthy day! I was tired and busy! I MADE myself workout and I do mean MADE, it was not easy to get down there and get started. I felt good when I was done though. I didn't do my Insanity DVD early in the morning like I have been and I didn't lifts weights until after 9am. I did a little cardio before and after weights and then I ate. So I didn't eat until around 10:30am....not good. Then we went Christmas shopping so we were gone all day and I didn't pack anything to eat for the day. We stopped for sushi, or is it sashimi, anyway just the fish, not the little rice ball underneath! I also baked 6 dozen cookies for my cookie exchange and ate a couple of those. I kept cutting off 1/2 a cookie thinking that is all I would eat, but ended up going back and getting the other 1/2!! I am not even telling what else I ate yesterday, but it was not good. Probably contributing to my feeling like crap today!

I am trying to stay positive and not get down on myself for not feeling 100%. My body is working up for my time of the month and I always feel tired and a little sluggish the week before. Today is a new day and there are new choices to make. I WILL eat healthier today (and more often), I WILL drink a gallon of water, and I WILL get my cardio in! I get to go to karate today and that always makes me feel good! Also, it's supposed to be in the high 30's today, so I think I go for a run. That will make me feel better.

Oh, and I am SORE! Lots of complaining today! This is going to be a looooong 4 months!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

128 days out!

The days are flying by! I need to learn from yesterday. I was snacky and ate a lot of little things that add up. We went to lunch while out Christmas shopping and I stuck to a dark green salad with protein. Justin got fish tacos that came with tortilla chips and I ate 3 of those. Then later I was putting candy in little stockings for a school and ate 4 pieces of chocolate candy. THEN, Justin was eating a meal that had french fries and I ate one of those. So, I had 3 tortilla chips, 4 pieces of candy and a french fry! It was all so spread out through the day, I didn't think much about it, but when I was writing everything down it all adds up! I need to keep my hands to myself and not pick up little treats every time I see them. It's a bad time of year for that!! I will be dipping pretzels in chocolate soon, baking 5 dozen cookies for my cookie exchange and putting together other candy filled containers to take to people! Ugh! This is not going to be easy. Did I mention it's getting ready to be that time of the month also! I have to just keep plugging along. I can't let myself get lazy or hungry.

I am feeling tired this morning. Hopefully this coffee I am drinking will help! Better go start thinking about doing my cardio DVD!

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

129 days out!

I got my cardio and lifting in yesterday. Kept my diet clean. We even went out to lunch and I got an asian chop salad with roasted chicken and sesame dressing on the side! It came with a fat free blueberry muffin so I had a couple bites and my husband ate the rest. I was hungry yesterday. I don't think I ate enough carbs.

I've done my cardio DVD this morning and now I am eating my oatmeal. I have karate in a couple of hours, then christmas shopping!! Hopefully we will get finished today!

For my cardio yesteray, the DVD that I was supposed to do for the day was the cardio recovery. I wore my bodybugg and it showed that I only burned 125 calories. I am shooting for at least 500 calories a day, so I ran my karate moves as hard and fast as I could and burned 205 then hopped on the treadmill for the remaining 170. The treadmill wasn't too bad actually. I have been dreading it lately, but I burned through the calories pretty fast because I set it at 10% incline and 5mph. It went very fast!!

This morning though was a more intense DVD. I burned 305 calories. I will burn the other 200 in karate.

Okay, that's it for today!

Monday, December 14, 2009

130 days out!

Yesterday was a great Sunday! I kept my diet clean all day, ate every 3 hours, got 40 minutes of cardio in before my breakfast, and drank a gallon of water! Success! The scale went up a couple of ounces this morning from yesterday morning. I guess maybe I used too much salt yesterday. More water today! Need to start seeing those numbers go DOWN this week. It's going to be a tough week though because it's that time of the month! I need to plan, plan, plan! I am using the Insanity cardio program from Beachbody. It is AWESOME!! It's too cold for me to run outside and I dread the treadmill, so I bought this 60 day cardio program for this winter. It is super hard, but wonderful. I will still run if we get some nice days this winter, but I just don't like running when it's below 40! I need to wear my Bodybugg today when I do the Insanity CD because I feel like I burning a ton of calories. Yesterday I was soaked, nauseous and noodley by the time it was that has to mean a lot of calories, right?!

I also will be planning for a cookie exchange on Thursday and a Christmas dinner party at a restaurant on Saturday. I have offered to host the cookie exchange and instead of going out to eat prior to the actual cookie part of it, I offered to cook at my house so I can control what I eat! My plan is to cook spaghetti as the main course. There will be regular spaghetti and then a healthier version which will be brown rice spaghetti noodles, and meat sauce made with ground turkey or maybe a turkey italian sausage! I will have extra salad and stay away from the bread! The christmas dinner will be my cheat meal for the week! My goal at the restaurant is to order as healthy as I can (which will be hard because it's at an Irish bar!) so that I can have a couple adult beverages!! The alcohol will be my cheat! So as you can see, it's only Monday but my mind is thinking ahead to my hurdles for this week so I can be prepared!

I am still feeling super positive and energized about this whole process! Oh, and did I mention how sore my calves are today? That Insanity is A LOT of plyometrics, so my calves are getting a beating right now while I get used to all the jumping!! LOL!

Today my goals are to get my cardio in before breakfast, keep my diet clean, drink a gallon of water, lift weights, get to a yoga class, and get my brown rice, ground turkey and chicken cooked for the week. Whew! I better get busy! I have a lot to do today!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

131 Days Out!

This will be my journey to my first figure competition. I am excited, scared and completely intimidated by the high heels and bikini I will be wearing! I have all the pieces: the support system, the diet plan, the exercise I just have to put it all in motion and hope that mentally I am prepared for what I am about to do!
I will be documenting my day to day workouts, diet, and most of all my feelings about it all! I started in May 2009 by finding my trainer, Diana Chaloux, and getting to work. I have gone from 192lb to 152lb so far. I feel soooo good! I feel ready!
So, here I go! Better go get my oatmeal and protein powder made for my breakfast! Today my goal is to stick to a completely clean diet and get in 35 minutes of cardio! Wish me Luck!